veja as accusations against or ator a week after prison

José Dumont was arrested in flagrante delicto on September 15, 2022 (Photo: Reprodução/ RecordTV)

news summary:

  • José Dumont was imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro for about a week

  • A police found how or ator about 240 images of pedophilia

  • He had a request for habeas corpus denied by Justice and continued in detention

The artistic class and the fãs ficaram estarrecidos ao ver que o veteran ator jose dumont He had been imprisoned in Rio de Janeiro, accused of pedophilia and child abuse. In prison, in flagrante, it happened in the last fifth-feira (15).

Known for iconic novels and with a career spanning more than 40 years, he has starred in “Corpo a Corpo”, “América”, “Terra”, “I Love Paraisópolis”, “Velho Chico”, “Dona Xepa”, “Ribeirão do Tempo”, “Caminhos do Coração” and I tied the first version of “Pantanal”.

Climbing and recording “Todas as Flores”, a first original novel by Globoplay, he began to be investigated by the Delegacia da Criança e do Adolescent Vítima do Rio de Janeiro after an anonymous complaint. Dumont was accused of being a man in an intimate relationship with a 12-year-old boy. Com isso, he ended up being cut off from the project by the Globe.

The motivation for the investigation arose after he was caught by the security cameras of a condominium caressing the young man. A delegation, therefore, issued a search and apprehension order to expand the investigation and, during the diligence, José was arrested in flagrante delicto after the agent found more than 240 files of pedophilia in his cell and on his computer.

prison in flagrante delicto

Raised by delegation, Dumont gave an initial statement in which he claimed that the content was a “consultation”. “A study for the future realization of a job on the subject, without taboos or filters”, affirms the ator, second information from O Globo. They also deny that they have been photographed, filmed, or part of child pornography groups.

After the confirmation of the prison in the custody hearing of the Rio de Janeiro prison system, the defense of the actor entered with an order of habeas corpus in the Court of Justice of Rio. The lawyers will allege that the client is considered the godfather of a 12-year-old child gives qual é accused of abusing.

The professionals will affirm that the ator knows the country of the child for more than a year, reason why he went to help the family with presents, clothes and money. The request for freedom of the actor was denied at the Plantão Judiciário do Tribunal de Justiça last Saturday (17).

Other accusations

With publicity from the prison of the ator, the Public Ministry of Paraíba requested the reopening of a former police investigation that stemmed from an accusation of rape against Dumont. According to the report of duas testemunhas, or a crime that occurred in 2009, not inside an apartment where the ator was staying, in the municipality of Cabedelo, in Paraíba, and would involve children in a faixa aged between 8 and 14 years.

The Second or Public Ministry of the state, or inquisitorial, was unemployed since 2013, after failed attempts to locate the ouvir or actor, not in Rio and in São Paulo, by precatory letter. Still second or MPPB, or inquirer was forwarded to a police authority with a request that the victims of the alleged crime be identified and rescued.

improvised images

On the last terça-feira (19), a technical report on the expertise of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro indicated that at least two 240 image and video files of child pornography found on the computer and cell phone of the actor, could have been produced as a camera of the telephony apparatus learned from Dumont.

Either cell phone or computer learned passarão ainda by a perícia. On occasion, a more in-depth analysis will be required to try to find out if there are other images of child pornography that have not been located by specialized agents.

Mother gives victim

Nesta quinta-feira (22), older than a 12-year-old boy who had been abused by José Dumont, spoke out for the first time. In an interview with “Jornal da Record”, she gave some details about her film’s relationship with the Globo actor. Or homem would be an old customer of a family business.

“Elé [o suspeito] I was a frequent customer and I always asked as ele [filho] It was not theater. On Saturdays, when my son was with me, right there where I was, he was talking like my son, giving the words give him ”, he recounted.

She stressed that Dumont’s behavior never aroused any suspicion. “I didn’t wake up anything in my mistrust. Semper bem atencioso”, she affirmed to say that ele dava presents ao seu filho. “Always in my company, my son was always close to me”, complete.

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