The best chocolate advent calendars for Christmas 2022


It starts to look a lot like Christmas, wherever you go.

Ok, maybe now is not the time to repeat the Michael Bublé playlist. But with only a couple more months to go until December 1st, it’s definitely time to start thinking about advent calendars.

Advent calendars aren’t just for kids. They are a great way for people to everybody ages to kick off the holiday party season and begin the countdown to Christmas.

It’s the one time of year when it’s not just totally justifiable to wake up to a mini bar, a cheer or a bite of chocolate (sometimes it really is that motivation I need to get out of my warm and cozy bed on a cold winter morning ) but cheers up. Or if you’re not a morning person, it’s a great pick-me-up snack later in the afternoon to give you that festive boost—and a little sugar.

Whether you’re a traditional milk chocolate devotee or an experimental tutti-frutti fanatic, there are many different advent calendars on the market to suit all tastes.

After a simple piece of festive shaped chocolate a day? It’s there, try Cadbury’s. Want something a little more decadent and creamy, with gooey fillings and nutty centers? Try Pierre Marcolini or the Hotel Chocolat. Or for a mini chocolate bar with a different flavor each day, Tony’s Chocolonely is the answer. And there are plenty of vegan and allergy-friendly options too, so no one has to miss out on the Advent fun.

Do you start to salivate? We also! Shop the best chocolate advent calendars below…

Tony’s Chocolonely Countdown Calendar

Available from: September 12

Tony’s Chocolonely Calendar is sure to get you in the holiday spirit with its premium, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Each day, discover another irresistible flavour, like pretzel candy, crispy wafer or sea salt in milk and dark varieties, and count down to Christmas with 24 individually wrapped Little Tonys, each made with 100% Fairtrade cocoa.

Shop Now £13.00, Ocado

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent One Piece a Day Challenge Bar

Available from: now

Are you a chocolate aficionado and ready to take on a challenge? Shaped like a Christmas tree with 25 individually numbered pieces, test your willpower with the one piece a day challenge: simply break one piece each day before Christmas. We don’t think we can resist a couple of extra pieces every time!

Shop Now £3.49, Cadbury Gifts

Montezuma Butter Nutter Advent Calendar

Available from: October 1st

Make your way through this Advent by enjoying one of Montezuma’s smooth and creamy milk truffles a day – you’ll go crazy for Meridian’s Peanut Butter Filled Centers. Bursting with flavor and a delicious texture, have it as a morning snack or save it for a late afternoon snack.

Buy Now £20.99, Montezuma

Hotel Chocolat The Great Advent Calendar

Available from: now

Leave it to the chocolate experts at Hotel Chocolat for an absolutely decadent advent calendar. Its 24 windows are filled with the sweetest of treats, from chocolate slabs, batons and truffles to festive booze and even hot cocoa bags along the way. Save up for yourself or share with the family and get into the holiday spirit in no time.

Buy Now £75.00, Hotel Chocolat

Chococo Advent Selection Box

Available from: In mid-September

Cocoa lovers can count down to Christmas with a selection of 25 delicious chocolate options, from kirsch-infused black forest cake and Cherry Bakewell flavors to gingerbread caramel and truffle macchiato. Artisan chocolatier Chococo’s treats are all handmade in Dorset with the finest ingredients and the box includes a numbered sleeve and menu so you can eat them in order, finishing with an extra special Christmas pudding of chocolate with spiced praline, orange and caramels. emerging as a surprising touch. .

Shop Now £26.00, Chococó

NOMO Premium Advent Calendar

Available from: now

Vegan and free of dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, you can’t miss the NOMO Advent celebration. Open the doors of this golden tree-shaped box and reveal 24 gooey candy-filled chocolate drops to sweeten up snowy days. And there may even be an extra special surprise on the last day.

*Spoiler alert*: We hear it’s a dreamy creamy caramel chocolate bar.

Buy Now £10.00, NOMO

Lindt Lindor Advent Calendar Gold

Available from: now

Feast your eyes and taste buds on Lindt’s iconic chocolate truffles, including milk, deep dark and heavenly hazelnut, and celebrate the festive season the best way we know how. With 24 individually wrapped treats, taste the magic of Christmas with irresistibly smooth chocolate, packaged in a golden seasonal calendar.

Buy Now £10.00, Lindt

HAPPi chocolate advent calendar

Available from: September

Chocolate brand Oat M!lk HAPPi is launching its first 100% plastic-free advent calendar this year: enjoy award-winning pieces of smooth and creamy chocolate, while being an environmentally conscious warrior. Sustainably and ethically sourced, the chocolate is also vegan and gluten-free, so you can’t miss it no matter your dietary requirements.

Shop Now £15.00, HAPPi

Magnificent MAGvent Calendar by Monty Bojangles

Available from: to be confirmed

Chocoholics will swoon over this selection of Belgian milk, white and dark chocolates and cocoa-dusted truffles from Monty Bojangles. Indulge in creamy treats for 24 days, all made with 100% natural ingredients and presented in mystical and magical packaging. On December 24 you will be further spoiled with not one, not two, but a tray of four chocolates for the ultimate end of Advent.

Shop Now £25.00, Monty Bojangles

Chocolate Advent Calendar ‘Enchanted Forest’ by Pierre Marcolini

Available from: October

Lose yourself in Pierre Marcolini’s enchanted winter forest and discover a delicious chocolate creation every day. Handcrafted in Belgium from the finest cocoa, sample some of the chocolatier’s favorite chocolates, caramels and hazelnut flavours, surrounded by the beautiful surroundings in a 100% eco-friendly box.

Shop Now £54.00, Pierre Marcolini

Advent Calendar Love Cocoa Chocolate

Available from: September

This calendar houses 24 delicious chocolate squares hidden behind this festive London scene. With the best-selling flavors of Love Cocoa, open the doors to Salted Caramel, Maldon Sea Salt or Gingerbread, all made with single-origin sustainable cocoa by the ethical British chocolate brand. For every calendar purchased, a tree is planted in eastern Kenya, as part of Love Cocoa’s ‘Plant A Tree’ commitment against deforestation and climate change.

Shop Now £12.00, Love Cocoa

Cadbury 3D Advent Calendar

Available from: now

Go 3D with your advent calendar this year. Cadbury’s 16-inch tall ‘Santa’s Workshop’ contains candy-sized bars of the nation’s favorites such as Curly Wurlys, Dairy Milk Buttons and Freddos packed inside. With surprise stickers too, this is something for the whole family to enjoy.

Shop Now £10.00, Cadbury

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar

Available from: now

More of a sweet fan? The Cany Kittens pop-up advent calendar is back this year, and it’s bigger and better than ever. The advent in the form of a Christmas tree is full of sugary and completely vegan treats. Scan the QR code and co-founder Jamie Laing will show you how to build the 3D calendar. Every day you will be surprised with at least two gourmet gummies or classic fruity flavors, all made with natural ingredients.

Buy Now £12.00, Amazon

Popcorn Shed Advent Calendar

Available from: October

Swap the chocolate for popcorn and enjoy 24 bags of exciting gourmet flavors hidden behind the snowy holiday scene in this advent calendar. From Belgian milk chocolate salted caramel to cookies and cream and pecan pie, try the tastiest combinations and your days will be merry and bright before Christmas.

Shop Now £21.99, Popcorn Shed

Lindt Gold Plush Sleigh Advent Calendar

Available from: now

Countdown to Christmas with Lindt’s new advent calendar for 2022. There are 24 delicious festive chocolates hidden behind the 3D sleigh, from mini truffles and chocolate balls to the chocolatier’s signature golden teddy bear. Gobble up the mix of milk and white chocolate varieties, all perfectly smooth and great for the whole family.

Shop Now £15.00, Lindt

H!P chocolate advent calendar

Available from: Book now

Enjoy a delicious chocolate square in gingerbread, white or original salted caramel flavor every day through December 25. British brand H!P (Happiness in Plants) offers sustainably produced vegan chocolate with a super creamy texture from the oat milk used. Open the 24 doors of the beautifully illustrated snowy ski lodge layout and dive right into the melt-in-your-mouth offering.

Shop Now £9.99, H! P

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