Teachers union pulls glowing bi-gender book review amid fury from trans activists

Cover of the book Sex and gender.

Britain’s largest teachers’ union has blacklisted a book that tells children there are only two sexes.

The National Education Union (NEU) published a review of Sex and Gender: An Introductory Guide in the latest issue of their magazine describing it as a “fantastic resource” for ages 11 and up.

But after discovering that the book was linked to the campaign group Transgender Trend, the union apologized and removed the review from the online version of their magazine.

The illustrated book argues that there are only two sexes and says that gender is a “social construction.”

Written by an autistic teacher under a pseudonym and aimed at autistic children, it says: “Sexist stereotypes are bad as racist stereotypes are bad.”

It was published by My Body is Me, which was created by Transgender Trend founder Stephanie Davies-Arai.

The review in NEU’s Educate magazine said the book answered questions about sex and gender in an “easy to access and non-threatening way” that was helpful to parents and teachers.

The transgender trend was ‘excited’

The review was welcomed on social media by Transgender Trend, who said they were “thrilled”.

But the connection between the book and the group, which campaigns for evidence-based science and health teaching in schools, sparked a backlash from trans activists.

A woman claiming to be a member of NEU said she would leave the union as a result of its “uncritically promoting the transgender trend among teachers”.

sex and gender book

sex and gender book

A union statement circulated on social media said that the links were unknown to staff when they posted the review and that it would be withdrawn because it was not “consistent” with the NEU’s view.

Ms Davies-Arai told the Telegraph: “The reason we wanted to publish the book is that there is a lot of false and inaccurate information about gender and gender identity, particularly online. The book is based on biological facts.

“The initial review described the book perfectly. No ordinary person would be offended. The initial review was objective and now the NEU approaches it from an ideological point of view. That shouldn’t be the case with our education union, they should be objective.”

Row on cancellation culture

The only other book the publisher has released is My Body is Me, a rhyming children’s book that was accused of being “terrorist propaganda” and sparked a row over cancel culture after attacks on its author Rachel Rooney.

The NEU said it considered including the review as part of an “internal reflection” on any process where an error has been “detected”.

It read: “The book review in question has been removed from the online version of Educate, and the book and author selection process for NEU publications will be reviewed.

“The concepts in the book are not consistent with the union’s policy on LGBT+ inclusive education and support for trans and non-binary students. The union regrets that it inadvertently, through posting a positive review of this book, appeared to support the ideas in this book.”

The U-turn drew criticism, with Buckley’s Baroness Fox saying that “unfortunately” it had been a “short-lived moment of NEU tolerance and rationality”. She described the decision to withdraw the review as a “meaningless response after backlash”.

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