CEO of Goldman Sachs used the company to attack DJ

David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs investment bank (REUTERS / Mike Blake)

  • Indiscriminate use of the particular aircraft and performance of the company may be or fim for CEO;

  • David Solomon plays at famous events, such as Lollapalooza;

  • Executives and administrative council ressentem for the value of the company’s action.

When David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs, is wrapping up a work trip at the end of July, he embarks on the company’s private plane, a Gulfstream G650, for Chicago.

Solomon, who acts as an electronic music DJ and was known by the nickname of D-Sol, had meetings marked with clients and Goldman officials at the sixth fair. More at night, he exchanged his desk suit for a black t-shirt, a more visually consistent with his next commitment: a set at the Lollapalooza music festival.

These escapades of Solomon to act in his hobby were worried or advised by the company, which he sees with his eyes or the use of the private plane and the public appearances of the executive. In 2020, the CEO was forced to apologize after appearing at a show in New York as the group The Chainsmokers, after being sanctioned by the state for disrespecting the COVID-19 protocols.

Solomon, who practices his DJ skills every year on Sundays, and performs less than 10 times a year, would also be using investment bank officials to help him in his side job. Executives from Goldman’s communications department, for example, weighed in on press releases announcing Solomon’s music, as members of the company’s social media team keep in touch next with Solomon’s music record label Payback Records and Get Engaged. Media, an external company that deals with its account of social media personnel.

Or that it was seen as a slight distraction in 2021, when the price of Goldman’s shares dropped to US$426, turning into a great abhorrence now that or paper fell 16% in the year. Company officials affirm that the council is concerned that the CEO is very focused on his personal projects at a time when parts of the business are experiencing difficulties.

Executives and board members have problems with Solomon há um tempo’s leadership. According to internal sources, the CEO likes to centralize all media in himself, preventing other partners from interviewing and hiring a new director of communication based on suggestions or notoriety.

According to the executives, além dessas questões, or what weighs against Solomon is or according to McLaren. In June, Goldman signed an agreement to be the official partner of the Formula 1 team, in order to help the automaker to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Sources heard by the American magazine Business Insider affirm that we do not know how to support an industry built on fossil fuels.

“Or that everyone dislikes the job of a DJ, or the sponsorship of McLaren, and all those chamative things,” says a source from Goldman. “You could be doing this, but it hasn’t increased or book value. It’s about a low point.”

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