After attacks, Anthony Garotinho declares support for Cláudio Castro

Former Governor Anthony Garotinho (União Brasil) declared his support for Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), who is seeking re-election. In an event held this Sunday, not in Rio, Garotinho left aside or had been bellicose for the last two months, when he launched a pre-candidacy, in opposition to Castro, and said “obedient to the party”, before praising the current management. In recent weeks, however, the former governor was the protagonist of partisan attacks against a wing of the União Brasil that insisted that it did not support Castro and opposed his name.

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In May, he affirmed to GLOBO that Castro’s practices greatly harmed ex-governor Sérgio Cabral, who remains in prison. In the same event, following Garotinho, Clarissa (União), was made official as a candidate for the Senate. One of the main critics of Castro, she says that she does not see contradiction and does not support the candidacy.

– He was a candidate for governor, but he was a disciplined, obedient man, and a characteristic of Christ. Hoje, respecting my party, I am with Cláudio Castro. I’m not supposed to be at the top of the wall. Despite our differences, we have to admit that Castro is lovingly caring for two of our social programs, such as popular restaurants – he justified.

Earlier, in May, Garotinho criticized “the dazzle with the power” of his opponent.

– Cláudio is becoming a new Sérgio Cabral, and he will not change his attitudes or it will be the same. Or Cabral started to be knocked down by little things, like a helicopter party, parties, or dazzle like power, and Cláudio is like the same symptom – he said.

In the same interview, the governor accused of not fulfilling support and criticizing or assigning non-governor positions. On more than one occasion, the Garotinho family affirmed that the governor tried to buy support from Vladimir Garotinho, mayor of Campos, with permission for works, or from Clarissa with positions not at the top of the state administration.

A peace between the two, however, passed through dialogues between the Palácio Guanabara and the União Brasil, which left the Senate for Clarissa and decided to support Romário (PL). In exchange for this vague, leaders will ask for the attacks of the família cessassem. With Garotinho out of the dispute, Clarissa had already split a lever with Castro in the PL convention, not last Sunday, that officialized Jair Bolsonaro as the name of the PL president. From now to here, they will participate together in a walk with Belford Roxo, together, and we will be reinforced by the idea of ​​a “Bolnarista veneer” – despite Castro being a co-religionist of Romário and, eventually, supporting him.

Questioned about an alliance, Clarissa guarantees that as differences they will back up and says that as her criticism was not the governor, but, rather, the space given was not Palácio Guanabara for the former secretary Rodrigo Bacellar (PL), rival of the family in Campos two Goytacazes.

– Papai teve a gesture of greatness. The decision to support Castro was the majority, of the party, and we respect it. As the other candidacies do not represent us, there would be no reason to isolate ourselves. Someone is going to elect governor and we are neutral and do not differ. I have never contradicted this support. A minhas critics always foram turned to a specific group – he said.

In the social networks of the candidate, not so much, and it is possible to see less than ten criticisms of Castro in recent weeks. In one of them, Clarissa now refers to the ally as “ambidextrous candidate, who poses as a Bolsonaro, more of a face so as not to displease your PT friends.” She is also associated with Cabral.

– People fail with a small mind. People with little minds can buy knowingly or dream of other people, offering charges. This is what is happening in the State of Rio, as my party is constantly being the victim of a pressão ferrenha feita by Governor Sérgio… Ih, quase o chamei de Sérgio Cabral. I say: hair governor Claudio Castro – ironized on an occasion.

As the support of the Garotinho family, Castro is in dispute with 14 affiliated parties, 1,652 proportional support candidates, all candidates for the Senate. In the state sphere, with the alliance with the support of 86 two 92 prefects of Fluminense.

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